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Statement of Purpose 2018

"i have been impressed with the progress that the children have made in a short space of time and I think that this is due to the level of care that they have been receiving."

Medway 2017

"Greenwich children services have a very positive relationship with Kent Homefinding. I have found the agency exceptionally helpful and I know that the agency always acts in the best interests of the children in their care. The SSWs provide effective and swift support for the foster carers; which ensures that the placements are stable which in turn ensures that the children in those placements have excellent homes to live in with foster carers who really care them.“It's always a pleasure to work with this agency."

Royal Borough of Greenwich 2015

"Excellent service from Home finding and fostering and their social worker, good communication with myself and good support provided to their foster carer through a difficult placement. Also transport to school and supervised contact provided which has been invaluable. Reports are sent through by the social worker and the person arranging contact. They even provide a room for contact if necessary.I would not hesitate to recommend them to other agencies"

Kent 2016

“The agency have been really helpful and supportive. The carer has provided D with excellent care and is incredibly organised and proactive."

Southwark 2019

“I would recommend K to any of my looked after children. It was an aboslute pleasure to work with K and I hope our paths do cross again. The agency has always been supportive and I cant thank thme enough for all their hard work and the support they gave."

Medway 2019

“The carers have remained committed and focused on the needs of the children and the supervising social worker is excellent in communication and support."
Kent 2018

“The carers offer a safe environment, prioritising C's well being. Homefinding offer great support to the carers working for them. I am able to delegate responsibilities in relation to contact, good communications. good reports. excellent multi-agency work.
Tower Hamlets 2018

“The service from the agency has been exceptional! From the onset there has been excellent communication…The agency has left a good impression."
Royal Borough of Greenwich 2014

The LA is receiving an excellent service from the agency for example; the supervising social worker is always prompt to respond to messages and attends all meetings with regards to the children. The agency also facilitates the children's contact with their parents, providing transport and contact supervisors for all contacts. I would like to share my appreciation to the agency on behalf of the LA. Thank you so much. ."

Waltham Forest 2018

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