It took a total of four helpers, three hours and six packs of blu tac to transform the lounge area of our local football club into Santa’s grotto.

We went through nearly 100 cups of tea and coffee, and five jugs of squash. It is beginning to sound like a bad version of the Christmas song…. But the result was a party to be really proud of. The children were amazing. What beautifully behaved and well-mannered children we are privileged to have in our lives! The disco and party man got even the most reluctant to dance and the moves themselves were pretty outstanding.  Watching the children enjoy their afternoon made the hard work worth it.

After their Christmas tea, Father Christmas himself showed up with an impressive knowledge of the children’s names and what they might want for Christmas. He even obliged by having his selfie taken with some of the older ones.

It is a must event again for next year, and this time we might make our own song up especially for the occasion.