The spotlight is on fostering for two weeks as it seeks to highlight the amazing work foster carers do every day. The fostering network aims for everyone in the UK to understand what fostering is and to know what a vital role all foster carers play in providing stability to societies most vulnerable children. Here are a few words from our Operations Director:

It is the start of Foster Care Fortnight  so The Fostering Network are highly active and visible.  Below are links to the press release made and coverage over the fortnight.  Social Media is using the hashtag #FCF17 this year. It is also Mental Health Awareness Week #MHAW2017 which is a great fit with the work we do in fostering.  Again it is well worth checking out the link below to the Mental Health Foundation. There are some great resources available for both campaigns so please do share this information with your fellow foster carers, young people and professional contacts and help spread the word.

The aim of the next two weeks is to raise awareness of the wonderful and often thankless work our fostering families do every day.  Enabling them to continue offering a safe place, security and love to some of the most vulnerable children and young people.  Enabling them to reach their potential.


It is also to highlight the real need for more families to make that leap and become foster carers.  We are not claiming it is easy, but we as an agency are with you every step of the way.  Throughout the assessment process, offering support and training so that you make a real difference a child out there.

Consider fostering.

01622 765646 and talk to one of our foster carers about what it is like to be a foster carer.