It is not quite here yet but we are continuing to prepare for foster care fortnight.

It is a time when fostering and the need for foster carers is really in the spotlight.

A lot of statistics get shouted about at this time, and how there is a need to recruit a further 6,800 foster families in the next 12 months, despite there already being around 43,500 foster families in England.

The focus for the 2019 campaign is how fostering changes lives. And it does.

It changes your life, it changes your own children’s lives, your friends, your extended family, and the lives of the children you care for.

We are asking carers, young people and staff to share a moment in their lives when their future changed. And we will be sharing those stories during foster care fortnight which runs from the 13th – 16th May

But is not just in those two weeks that we need carers. We are looking for foster carers in Kent and Medway and London. You could change your future by making that phone call to start that process to be one of the 6,800 desperately needed to change someone else’s future as well as your own.

Consider Fostering