It continues to be a struggle getting enough people to consider fostering. It is definitely a difficult job and one that requires an awful lot of sacrifice, patience and hundreds of different skills. A lot of people often say that they would like to foster but they don’t think they could. When our carers tell friends and acquaintances that they are foster carers, they often get the same response. “I couldn’t do that” Here is some of the responses our carers have told us that received when they revealed they were foster carers.


" I couldn't do it, I wouldn't be able to give them back"! Do they really think it's always that easy for us? It sounds like they are insinuating we're cold hearted, drives me mad . " it takes special people to Foster, I couldn't do it". This shows appreciation for the passion we have for our job. Although I wish people would be more positive about it. The reply I usually get when I tell people I am a foster carer is either " I couldn't do that" Or " I take my hat off to you". Most people seem to assume we are looking after the devil’s children. The response I get most is, what a wonderful person I am, often followed by, I couldn't do that!! Or, occasionally, I would like to do that. I assure them I am certainly not a wonderful person, but I am committed and care, I also have a sense of humour, essential if one is to succeed and survive!! At the moment I am being challenged and struggling to find my sense of humour, at times. I hate it when people say that’s a great job but I bet you get paid loads of money ! When you tell people your foster parents the first thing out of their mouths is "ohhhh I bet your earning loads of money" It's not done for money it's done for love ❤️ We get told "we admire what you do, it's an amazing job you are doing, we wish we could do it." I mostly find it gets respect and they say that they couldn't do it.

What we sometimes forget is that we desperately need more people to realise that these are children.  In need of somewhere to live at an already difficult time of their lives.  To have the support of someone that are committed to making things better, at least for a short while. What would be great if carers were simply asked “how could I do that?”

Consider fostering.

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