This week at Homefinding has been a productive one as well as a reflective one.  A lot of the time we go through life with one week rolling into the next, and before you know it the seasons have passed, the John Lewis Christmas ad is back on the telly and another year is about to finish. This week at homefinding we, as a staff group have really stopped to think about what we do in our working life and why.

The end result of this, and the best part of the last year has been poured into our new statement of purpose.  The new document created by Satwinder, our director of operations, really reflects our way of doing things.

"We will create a legacy we can all be proud of. Where we elect to initiate change, we will endeavor to leave things better than we found them."

You can find it under the about us tab on the website.

So, If you are interested in fostering, then please read it.

If you have been fostering for a while, then please read it.

Because there are times when we all need a reminder as to why we do things, and how we should strive to do things.