Spending two afternoons in my Easter break with twenty children each time was honestly something I was looking forward to. It is a place I can not recommend highly enough. Nestled in the North downs with postcard countryside views, it has an air of calm and serenity. My only concern was that we were about to shatter that.

We arrived en masse, following a procession of cars up the winding lane to where the tables were laid out and Gemma was waiting for us to arrive. Some of the children were definitely more reluctant than others. But any reservations were soon put aside as the were handed pens, pencils and inks.

I often think we need to make more creative time in our children's lives. I think we need to recognise how important it is to give children the opportunity to express themselves. There were no rules about colouring inside the lines, or following strict rules about what needed to be achieved. All the children there took to the task beautifully, they sat in relative peace and quiet, put their hands up for help and generally immersed themselves in playing with colour and inks. Every child, without exception was a credit to the adult that bought them, and they all got to take home a stunning piece of artwork. I am hoping that some will return to try their hand at pottery painting or tshirt printing.

Maybe we should all spend some time there.