It is week two of foster care fortnight! And what a busy first week it has been, we have thoroughly enjoyed all of our short films made specifically for Homefinding and we are so grateful for everybody who has been here at the offices, and have had their photos taken as part of your connection to fostering.

It is amazing how many of you have contributed so look out for our full album of contributors at the end of the week. With all the media interest in fostering this past week, we hope that more families are inspired to consider fostering. We hope that foster care fortnight continues to generally highlight the fact that so may children are in need of loving stable homes. There are a lot of myths around fostering, and we hope to look at dispelling some of those this week. Including how you are not too old, that you don't have to own your own home. You can still have a job, be in a relationship or single.

Fostering deserves to be a recognised profession, essential to the effective functionning of our society and we hope that the ongoing training we offer at homefinding is something that you can apply in other areas of life. With this in mind, working with hostile families is on the agenda for this weeks training and we look forward to your feedback.