This week at Homefinding, we are feeling the autumnal chill and long summer days are fast becoming a distant memory.

I often hear myself and others say, "I will do that after the summer holidays" so now is the time we often clear out shoe cupboards and tidy the baking cupboards or craft boxes. It is the time that we take stock of where we are. This seems to be true even if we don't have children at school. It is noticeable by how quiet the shops and play centers are. It is like a new year in a way. And maybe it could be a time to consider doing something new.  Whether as an existing carer, to endeavor to attend more training or equip a young person with a new skill.  It could be that you are not already fostering and this is the time you stop thinking about it and start that journey to doing something incredibly worthwhile.

I think this summer in 2015 is one that will be remembered for a variety of things in a world wide sense. There have been some upsetting scenes in the media with regards to the thousands of Syrians moving through Europe, as well as the disruption to the ports of Dover and Calais. This has increased the pressure on finding fostering families in the Kent area.

The number of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children in the care of KCC has increased from 220 in March last year to 368 in March this year and 730 by September 4th. That is a scary statistic, and the children from the UK  needing to be looked after by families also continues to rise.  So if you are not fostering, or if you know someone that would be good at it, then consider taking that plunge. Very few people regret it, and before you know it, you will be saying "I will do that after Christmas".