I have been asked to share an achievement of the boy we share our lives with.

This little lad has come so far in the two years he has been with us. Every day he is faced with challenges and struggles with every day basic activities that other children and adults take for granted. However he is a child that has the biggest smile i have ever seen and even on bad days he has it in him to give you a huge cuddle.

There are so many personal targets he has reached, small to some but huge to us. But i think his reading has surprised everyone. He can now independently read and has gone up to level 6 on his Biff and Chip reading books. Jumping 3 levels in the last 6 months, which is amazing. Some will say but he is 10 years old and it is a Biff and Chip book, BUT this is a child with a multitude of physical and mental disabilities who they never thought would be able to read. He has no medal or certificate but we are amazed to just see him reading.