Meet the Team

Many of our staff have fostered or grown up in fostering families. so we really know what its like.

Gill Agency Manager

Gill has over 17 years as a qualified social worker within the fostering sector. She cares passionately about getting the best for the children in our care

Bev Administration Manager

Bev is the administration manager and works tirelessly to make sure you get your paperwork in on time!

"I have worked for the agency since September 2001 as Administration Manager and Panel Administrator. I am mainly responsible for ensuring that all statutory checks for carers and their support members are kept up to date. I also coordinate the assessment of applicants and their presentation at panel. I thoroughly enjoy the role knowing that the work I do in the background of a fantastic team helps towards making a difference to vulnerable children's lives."

Claire Placements Officer

Claire works closely alongside the Social work team. "I absolutely love my job and working with other professionals to enable high standard of care is met for all our Looked after children. It is wonderful being able to match a child with great carers.

I have grown up in a fostering family and have the experience and understanding of what it means to be part of a family who fosters."

Hazel Supervising Social Worker

Hazel is a senior social worker and an important member of the team for 16 years. "I have worked for the agency for 16 years and still have a passion for my role and all this entails. The best part of my job is the diversity, which means no two days are the days are ever the same. There are always new challenges to overcome, which continue to provide new learning opportunities. "

Caron Support Services Co-ordinator

Caron is our support services coordinator and is responsible for managing and organising school transport and contact within the agency.

"I love being part of this amazing team, the variation of my duties along with the people I meet makes my job so unique. I've never worked in such a special environment, it's great to feel like you 'fit'."

Lorna Supervising Social Worker

Lorna is a supervising social worker. She is responsible for supporting our carers and working towards the same outcome of successful placements.

Natalie Social worker Support

Natalie is a member of the admin team and she provides much needed support for the social workers.


Responsible Individual

Rebecca is another member of the management team. Working alongside the Registered Manager.

“As well as growing up in a fostering family, I have worked for the agency since it was founded in 1996, in a variety of roles. It doesn't matter what job I am doing, I know that we are all committed to the same goal of making children feel safe and our carers supported."

Sarah Reviewing Officer

Sarah is the social worker responsible for carrying out our foster carer's annual household reviews and assessments for prospective foster carers.

"I have worked for the agency for 13 years, I love being part of applicants' beginning their journey into becoming a fostering family and reviewing their progress every year."

Stephanie Supervising Social Worker

Stephanie is a supervising social worker. She is responsible for supporting our carers and working towards the same outcome of successful placements.

Terry Company Director

Terry is the Managing Director and a former foster carer who founded The Homefinding & Fostering Agency in 1995 and continues to be an active part of the team.

"My family fostered over 60 children for the Local Authority and we loved every minute of the work. We soon realised that being a foster carer was the most worthwhile work that we had ever undertaken. I began the Homefinding and Fostering Agency in 1996 because I knew that foster families needed professional support every day of the week and every hour of the day. This agency takes responsibility for all of the practical matters such as transport to school and contact supervision which enables foster carers to care for the children that are placed with them. The agency continues to put the welfare of the children as their top priority whilst recognising that by supporting the carers will mean that the children and young people will have the best chance of overcoming the adversity of not being looked after by their own parents."