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Meet the Team

Rebecca Daniel

Responsible Individual

“As well as growing up in a fostering family, I have worked for the agency since it was founded in a variety of roles. It doesn’t matter what job I am doing; I know that we all have the same goal of making children feel safe and carers supported. I am now in an envious position of seeing the difference we make to children’s lives.”


Agency Manager

“I started working in social care as a family support worker over thirty years ago. I then undertook a degree in social psychology and later qualified by completing a masters in social work twenty five years ago.

Since that time, I have worked as a local authority social worker and have also worker for CAFCASS. I have been in fostering for twenty years and a Registered Manager for seven years; joining Homefinding & Fostering in 2018.

I love all aspects of my job, but particularly meeting our wonderful children and their amazing foster carers. The thing that makes the job worthwhile is learning of the many achievements of our foster children and knowing that you have got the match absolutely right between a foster child and their carers when you see a child thriving in their care.”


Managing Director

“My family fostered over 60 children for the local authority, and we loved every minute of the work. We soon realised that being a foster carer was the most worthwhile work that we had ever undertaken. I began The Homefinding & Fostering Agency because I knew that foster families needed professional support every day of the week. This agency takes responsibility for all the practical matters such as transport to school and contact supervision which enables foster parents to care for the children living with them. The agency continues to always put the welfare of the children as their top priority whilst recognising that by supporting the carers will mean that the children and young people will have the best chance of reaching their potential.”


Assistant Manager and Safeguarding Lead Supervising Social Worker

“I joined the agency in April 2022, having worked as a local authority team manager for a number of years and overseen the successful adoption of around 450 children. I value shared learning, build trusting relationships with our children and foster carers, and working together as ‘team around the child’ to aim for and achieve the highest outcomes for our children and young people”


Senior Supervising Social Worker

“I have worked for the agency for many years and still have a passion for my role, and all this entails. The best part of my job is the diversity, which means no two days are ever the same. There are always new challenges to overcome, which continues to provide new training and learning opportunities.”


Lorna Supervising Social Worker

“I have worked in a child care setting for all of my working career and been with Homefinding for a large part of this. To me the most important part of my role is seeing how the children we care for develop over the time they are with us, and how the team around them are so supportive of their everyday needs.”


Placements Officer

“I absolutely love my job and working with other professional to enable all our children to have a high standard of care. It is wonderful being able to match a child with great carers. I have grown up in a fostering family and have the experience and understanding of what it means to be part of a family who fosters.”



Reviewing Officer

“I have worked for the agency since November 2000. I love being part of applicants’ beginning their journey into becoming a fostering family and reviewing their progress every year. What’s particularly rewarding is to hear about the high level of care that families provide for fostered children and young people.”


Administration Manager / Panel Administrator

“I have worked for he agency since September 2001. I am mainly responsible for ensuring that all statutory checks for carers and their support members are kept up to date. I also co-ordinate the assessment of applicants and their presentation at panel. I thoroughly enjoy the role, knowing that the work I do in the background of a fantastic team helps towards making a difference to vulnerable children’s lives.”



Contact Coordinator and Social Worker Support

“I have worked with the agency since November 2015, I came from a pre-school environment, but before that had various roles in administration and payroll. I enjoy working with children and their families to coordinate their contacts and make sure they have quality family time together. Part of my role is to assist the supervising social workers with their paperwork and to collate the feedback from LA social workers and carers ready for their annual reviews and panel.”


Youth Participation Officer

“I have worked for the agency since April 2022. I love giving children opportunities to try new things, gain new skills and have their voices heard.”


Youth Participation and Placements Officer

“I have only worked with the agency since December 2022, but everyone in and around the agency have been extremely welcoming. I have loved meeting all the children and playing a role in seeing some of them from referrals to joining in at our events. My job is also really fun because I get to organise all the events that we put on for the children, like trips to London science museum and baking cupcakes at the agency.”

Sharon Kenny

Supervising Social Worker

"I would like to say that having worked most of my carer within a local authority children’s team, working for homefinding feels like a breath of fresh air.  At homefinding I feel that I am part of a family and I know that the foster carers I work with also feel the same.  I have not been with homefinding very long but I feel blessed every day I arrive at work."

Client Testimonials

“They are always there for me even if I don’t know it and love me unconditionally”

Foster Child, Maidstone, 2021

"It is the best place in the world and nothing could make me leave”

Foster Child, Maidstone, 2021

“My supervisory home visits have always gone well, she is very supportive and gives me good advice, she is always ready to listen. I could not have asked for a better service.”

Foster carer, Gillingham, 2021

“My supervising social worker is always on hand and ready to listen and help. She arranges help when needed and will arrange someone to help me when needed also this includes respite and someone to take the girls out to help give me a break as a sole carer”

Foster carer, Gillingham, 2021

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