Looking to Transfer?

Looking to Transfer?

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Transferring to Us

We are happy to receive applications from carers who wish to transfer from a local authority or another agency.  At a time when lots of agencies are undergoing periods of change of ownership, you may feel you want to retain that personal touch we achieve here.  Find out more about the benefits we offer when you choose to become a foster parent with The Homefinding & Fostering Agency.

Why Us?

You need to think about what you are looking for and what you feel you need to successfully foster.

 The average time our foster carers stay with us is upwards of ten years.  This is because they are well supported, and we can be flexible around that support ensuring that you receive what you and your family need to continue fostering successfully.

Since 1996 we have been an established and independent fostering agency that offers exceptionally high levels of support. In conjunction with the generous level of pay we offer (which you can find out about here) we offer the following to help support you:

  • 2 weeks respite a year
  • An allocated SSW
  • Crèche
  • Transport for school runs, medical appointments and more
  • An accredited training program
  • Further financial support at Christmas, birthdays and holidays
  • Membership to FosterTalk involving legal advice and cover
  • A contact coordinator who organizes and facilitates contact
  • Social events for you and your family
  • Events for birth children
  • Mentor Led support Groups
  • Long-term services rewards to recognise your fantastic work
  • A commitment to you that we will retain our independence, integrity and a shared vision of high-quality foster care



What Happens When I Transfer?

The main priority during a transfer is that it is a smooth and easy process for you, and any children you may already be caring for.

The good news with transferring is a relatively quick process, you will need to inform your current fostering agency or local authority know you want to transfer where we will then arrange to look through your fostering file, with your permission.

It is important we are able to get to know you and confirm that there is no reason you will not be able to foster with us.

Once this is completed, similar to when you where first assessed for fostering, we will have to do a formal assessment. This will be a shorter process, but will include doing formal checks and reviewing your references which is presented to panel.

We don’t always insist you complete the full skills to foster course again, but it might be that you are invited to some of it or arrange a short induction with some courses.


The Protocol Meeting

After you have passed panel there is a final protocol meeting. This involves us, a member from your current agency, yourself and a social worker of the children you are currently caring for.

The purpose of this is to determine that the transfer is in the best interests of everyone involved.

Part of this meeting will include a discussion about fees, but we will have a conversation about this with you prior to the meeting so you will be fully aware of what to expect.

We appreciate that it may be difficult decision. However, we work really hard to make the transition as quick and smooth as possible for your family and the children you care for.


Client Testimonials

“They are always there for me even if I don’t know it and love me unconditionally”

Foster Child, Maidstone, 2021

"It is the best place in the world and nothing could make me leave”

Foster Child, Maidstone, 2021

“My supervisory home visits have always gone well, she is very supportive and gives me good advice, she is always ready to listen. I could not have asked for a better service.”

Foster carer, Gillingham, 2021

“My supervising social worker is always on hand and ready to listen and help. She arranges help when needed and will arrange someone to help me when needed also this includes respite and someone to take the girls out to help give me a break as a sole carer”

Foster carer, Gillingham, 2021

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