Support for Foster Carers

Support for Foster Carers

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Support for Foster Carers

The support we offer is something we are proud of. This is because we understand what it feels to look after someone. We are always available for support and advice. We want the experience of that young person in your care be a positive one and watch them flourish in your care. We can only achieve this by equipping you with the skills to become an outstanding foster carer.

The generous financial reward you receive is only one aspect of the support you get. Whenever you call the office here in Maidstone it is answered by a voice you recognise, and that isn't just 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Supporting Those Who Care

We want all our carers to feel supported. Fostering is not something you do alone, as a foster carer you create a whole new network of people to support you in helping vulnerable young people and we want to be part of that journey with you.

The weekly allowances and financial aspects are only one way we support you, which you can find out more about here.



Your Allocated Supervising Social Worker

Every foster carer has a supervising social worker (SSW), someone you build a good realtionship with.

We believe by having a dedicated SSW, they will get to know you and the child living  with you. Watching the young person’s development grants a solid understanding of what the young person is going through, and by getting to know you, your SSW can accurately provide the best course of action whenever something goes wrong to help support you.

Even when you cannot get in touch with your SSW, we always have a duty social worker ready to take a call during office hours as well as a 24/7 Out of Hours service you can phone in an emergency.

No matter when you phone, you will always be met with a voice you recognise.


Our Support Team

We have a team of dedicated staff who are there to provide support when you need it. They are all experienced in caring for children and many were foster carers themselves, so they have a very good idea of the best way to help you, which can in invaluable when you find yourself unable to be in two places at the same time!

They can do transport for our carers, whether that’s travelling to a medical appointment, doing school runs or collecting the child’s belonging from their previous home.

The support staff can provide you with crèche, so carers can attend important appointments or training commitments.  They can even help with parent and child arrangements to ensure everybody is properly cared for when you are not there.

The supervised contact we offer has been an outstanding part of the service we provide, and we are fortunate enough to have two separate rooms available in our offices, specifically for the use of contact which are large enough to take large sibling groups. 

The rooms are fully equipped with toys and games for all ages, and there is fully equipped kitchen on the premises.


Supporting Your Family

Fostering affects everyone living in your home, with the children of foster carers playing an essential role in welcoming new foster children into the family.

The majority of birth children report enjoying being part of a fostering family, with most saying it resulted in them appreciating their own families more and they liked the idea of helping others. However, fostering does bring its challenges to birth children and expectations for them are high.

To help support your family we have formal and informal opportunities for birth children to get together and share how they feel being part of a fostering family. Running these activities helps give them a place to relax with people who can understand and relate to each other’s experiences.

Where birth children or other members of your household need additional help we are happy to put in supportive measures to ensure that fostering works as smoothly as possible for your family.


Support for Children

Our youth participation officer goes out and builds relationships with the children and young people, giving them opportunities to share their experiences, work on independence skills and be an active part of our agency as well as ensuring they are happy and healthy.

Annually we hold at least six events to encourage our young people and foster families to get together. These activities tend to focus on different areas which provide children with opportunities to try new life skills and develop new interests.

Almost all of our social events are inspired by what our children request and where relevant, we will try to develop the skills in our young people such as teaching baking skills for the bake sale, getting creative with junk modelling or educating them about online safety whilst hosting a gaming bus. Sometimes though we really do just host an event for fun and to socialize like with laser tag, prison island and parties just to name a few!


Mentor Led Support Groups

In 2023 we introduced monthly peer-led support groups. This gives you an opportunity to have a safe, non-judgement space to talk about how the challenges of fostering are making you feel, how it is impacting your well-being and what relationships have been affected.

This reflective approach is really important as it presents the chance to recognise the great things you do as a foster carer and to remind everyone who works with us to look after themselves so that they can continue fostering.


Client Testimonials

“They are always there for me even if I don’t know it and love me unconditionally”

Foster Child, Maidstone, 2021

"It is the best place in the world and nothing could make me leave”

Foster Child, Maidstone, 2021

“My supervisory home visits have always gone well, she is very supportive and gives me good advice, she is always ready to listen. I could not have asked for a better service.”

Foster carer, Gillingham, 2021

“My supervising social worker is always on hand and ready to listen and help. She arranges help when needed and will arrange someone to help me when needed also this includes respite and someone to take the girls out to help give me a break as a sole carer”

Foster carer, Gillingham, 2021

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