Training and Support

Following the initial visit and the decision to move forward with your application to foster, you would be invited to attend our three Skills to Foster training days here at the agency.

After being approved as a foster carer at panel you would then be expected to complete your Training, Support and Development Standards, this needs to be attained within twelve months. You will have the support of a Social Worker as well as an experienced Foster Carer. Fostering is a professional career, so there is an expectation to complete further training each year. We have a variety of relevant workshops in our training programme. We also have a range of online courses available.

We want our carers to feel supported. This is not something you do alone, as a foster carer you create a whole new network of people who want the same as you, to help children and young people at a time of need. We want to be part of that journey with you.

The generous financial reward you receive is only one aspect of the support you get. Whenever you call the office here in Maidstone it is answered by a voice you recognise, and that isn't just 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Our team includes two members of staff that grew up as part of a fostering family, an ex-foster carer and a current foster carer, as well as social workers with experience in lots of different settings. So when you have a problem or a question, we really do know how it feels, and we can offer lots of different advice.

Once foster carers are approved they will then be offered a range of training courses. The agency provides training to help foster carers do the job to the best of their ability. We offer general training course and also offer AC education online training.

We want to be able to help our foster carers do the job to the best of their abilities. Your supervising social worker will create an individual training profile for you which should Improve your knowledge, develops and refine skills.

The support we offer is something we are proud of. The outcomes for children placed with Homefinding & Fostering are judged as outstanding. This is because we understand what it feels to look after someone. We are always available for support and advice. We want the experience of that young person in your care be a positive one and watch them flourish in your care. We can only achieve this by equipping you with the skills to become an outstanding foster carer.

“If there was ever a problem or a query, you only have to pick up the phone and somebody was always quick to answer."

In addition to this, you will receive a generous allowance in recognition of your high level of commitment to the children in your care, as well as an extensive financial support package and rewards including paid respite, additional monies at Christmas, birthdays and in the summer holidays.

We also give you the opportunity to gain accredited recognised qualifications which are transferable beyond fostering.