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News Item

  May 11th This week at Homefinding we would like to wish all of our children taking their GCSE’s and A’Levels the very best.  It is also the time of year when year 6 children have SATs.  At a time when young people are under pressure, this is often reflected in how they might behave, […]

Christmas Party

It took a total of four helpers, three hours and six packs of blu tac to transform the lounge area of our local football club into Santa’s grotto. We went through nearly 100 cups of tea and coffee, and five jugs of squash. It is beginning to sound like a bad version of the Christmas […]

Cedar Forest School

We got to choose from loads of different  activities.  Mud pie making, pond dipping and making bows and arrows.  Me and a carer shot another carer.  We did have an arrow but we shot her with mud.  It was her husband’s idea so she didn’t mind. We then flung mud balls at the carers using […]

Lisa’s story

Lisa was 21 when she realised that she needed additional support in caring for her baby.  Lisa had spent most of her teenage years in foster care and had no real support from her birth family.  She realised that the constant arguing with her partner was not what she wanted for her or her daughter. […]

Annie’s Story

Annie was three when she came to live with us.  I was 15 and on the brink of independence and believing I was all grown up. Annie was going to stay with us for three weeks, while her foster carer had another baby.  We met her a few times first, took her to the park, […]