Every stage of being a parent comes with challenges and rewards.

Parenting teenagers is no different.  Teenagers are widely portrayed as trouble.  There is a lot of negativity surrounding teenagers.  They can make unwise decisions, they lose phones, keys, money, PE Kits, books, bus passes and homework.

Teenage boys always seem to be hungry and can be lazy and heavy handed.  Teenage girls can be frustrating and unpredictable. Their bedroom carpets are a strange hue of orange from fake tan and spilt make up.

They are dramatic and exhausing and know more than every techer they ever have. 

But teenagers are wonderful, refreshing and funny.  

when it comes to fostering, it is no different.  The older age group are often dismissed as being too difficult and more trouble than they are worth.

And when you think about that, what are they worth? They probably think they are not worth a lot.  Because teenagers need someone to have their back more than ever at this crucial time of their lives.  They need to know that someone is bothered about why they havent answered their phone, or why they are late.  they need someone to celebrate achievements with them, and want them to do well.  Particularly teenagers who have been let down, and have probelms with trusting adults in their lives to want the best for them.

Teenagers are rewarding, energetic and often thoughtful.

They need a consistent calm environment to guide them to make the right decisions.  To ehlp them reach their potential and become the adults you konw they could be.

And when you see them become those adults, you know you have done a wonderful thing in taking that chance on letting that child into your home and your life.

Consider Fostering.

Especially those often overlooked.