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Foster Care Fortnight 2017

The spotlight is on fostering for two weeks as it seeks to highlight the amazing work foster carers do every day. The fostering network aims for everyone in the UK to understand what fostering is and to know what a vital role all foster carers play in providing stability to societies most vulnerable children. Here are […]

“Surviving teenagers!”

Surviving teenage years You’ve lived through 2 a.m. feedings, toddler temper tantrums, and the back-to-school blues. So why does the word “teenager” cause so much worry? I love having teenagers. I love learning about their world. They make me laugh and they teach me something new. Every day. I will hate the day when I […]

Statement of Purpose

This week at Homefinding has been a productive one as well as a reflective one.  A lot of the time we go through life with one week rolling into the next, and before you know it the seasons have passed, the John Lewis Christmas ad is back on the telly and another year is about […]

Summer of Fun!

It was a busy summer both in and out the office. Our two summer events were a great success!  The first one was a beautiful sunny day in the kent countryside making T shirts.  Lots of creative talents were put to use.  Not least by some of the carers! Our second event of pizza was […]

This week at Homefinding

This week at Homefinding, we are feeling the autumnal chill and long summer days are fast becoming a distant memory. I often hear myself and others say, ” I will do that after the summer holidays” so now is the time we often clear out shoe cupboards and tidy the baking cupboards or craft boxes. […]

This Art of Mine

Spending two afternoons in my Easter break with twenty children each time was honestly something I was looking forward to.  It is a place I can not recommend highly enough.  Nestled in the North downs with postcard countryside views, it has an air of calm and serenity. My only concern was that we were about […]

Christmas Party

It took a total of four helpers, three hours and six packs of blu tac to transform the lounge area of our local football club into Santa’s grotto. We went through nearly 100 cups of tea and coffee, and five jugs of squash. It is beginning to sound like a bad version of the Christmas […]