Already Fostering?


We are happy to receive applications from carers who wish to transfer from a local authority or another agency.

At a time when lots of agencies are undergoing periods of change of ownership, you may feel you want to retain that personal touch we aim to achieve here.

what makes us different?

We know that there are often valid and entirely understandable reasons for wanting to tranfer. But you need to be sure that you get what you need from us as an agency.

In addition to a generous level of pay,

we offer 2 weeks respite a year,

An Accredited training program, giving you recognised achievements and qualifications transferrable beyond fostering

financial contributions at those expensive times of birthdays, Christmas and summer holidays

membership to foster talk, which comes with legal advice and cover

someone who co-ordinates and facilitates contact

Social events for you and your family

A commitment to you that we will retain our independance, integrity and a shared vision with the children you care for as its focus.



Call us to talk about whether joining Homefinding & Fostering is an option for you.

if you have current placements, our priority will be their continuity of care.

The process will include meetings between yourselves, the local authority and current agency. This is followed by the usual assessment processes and references from your current agency.

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