Parent and Child Fostering

At Homefinding & Fostering, we recognise what an enormous commitment parenting and child fostering is. Our approved carers offer a wealth of experience in related fields. Following careful matching, we offer families a personalised support package, enabling both parent and child to receive the best possible care and guidance.

Support is also available to the families, with a named support member of staff linked to the family.

Our ongoing specialised training ensures that carers are up to date with recommendations in terms of health guidelines and safe care practices.

The foster carer is expected to provide in-depth daily, or weekly, reports outlining the level of care the parent demonstrates, whilst being committed to the child receiving the best quality care.

We also have dedicated contact facilities allowing parents or extended family not living with the child, to see them in a safe and welcoming environment. We have fully equipped kitchen and baby rooms as well as a team of experienced and trained supervisors.

Find our more here about what parent and child Fostering involves.

Parent and Child Fostering