Requirements and Process

The first requirement is that you have a spare bedroom available for fostering.

You need to be flexible, by that you need to be prepared to consider a range of children that need foster care. The children you look after often have some additional needs relating to their past experiences and it may take time before they respond to the care that you provide.

But you won't be doing it on your own. You will be an essential and valued part of our team within the homefinding and fostering agency. You will get ongoing training and 24 hour support.

“My social worker has supported me and my family in an outstanding way. Meeting all our needs, being there in difficult times and enjoying the highs and progress we all have made."

Talking about fostering to someone who understands is always a great place to start. Within our team, we have current foster carers, ex foster carers and people who have grown up within fostering families.

After you make the initial call, and we feel you have the space in your life for a foster child, we will come out and visit you in your home. This is an opportunity for us both to find out more about each other. We then talk about the assessment process.

An important part of the assessment process is attending the three day training course. This is an introduction to the skills you need to become good foster carers. It will help you understand is fostering is right for your family.

“ There was so much to take on board! We learnt a lot more about what it means to be a foster carer. And found we made significant changes to our outlook. Inspiring"

The assessment also includes a number of visits from an assessing social worker.

It's important we totally understand what type of foster care is right for you.

After you are approved, your training and learning doesn't stop there.