Support Services

Supporting our carers, their families and children is something that we do well.

We have a team dedicated to co-ordinating that support and the support staff are available when it matters.

This team are available to offer driving services, supervise contact, offer a creche when carers are training, and additional support during times of need.

It is an area of our agency that we are really proud of and is also available on a private arrangement.

Our team of drivers and contact supervisors have ongoing training and support enabling them to provide a professional service.

This enables us to support our families in maintaining school places and important community links. Wherever possible we minimise disruption to the young people and strive not to introduce too many new people at an unsettling time.

"Children and Young People are supported by the foster carers and staff to maintain connections with their birth families.  Access to a child-friendly comfortable space...enales them to spend planned time together...and repair fractured relationships"


The supervised contact we offer has been an outstanding part of the service we provide, and we are fortunate enough to have two separate rooms available in our offices, specifically for the use of contact which are large enough to take large sibling groups. 

The rooms are fully equipped with toys and games for all ages, and there is fully equipped kitchen on the premises.