Therapeutic fostering

Therapeutic Supported Fostering is a specialist type of fostering for children and young people suffering emotionally and psychologically which often has an impact on their overall behaviour.

Therapeutic fostering enables them to learn what it means to be part of a family, allowing them to heal from past traumas and build positive relationships.

It gives young people the opportunity to access exceptional support and therapy whilst within the safe and secure setting of a family, guiding and assisting them to reach their potential.

As a foster carer you would be registered with Homefinding and fostering, but with access to therapeutic support and guidance from a trained therapist available to the family and young person.



What is the difference about being a therapeutic carer?

All our fostering families have 24/7 support from a dedicated locally based social worker, but you will also have access to a fully qualified therapist, offering support to the young person from our fully equipped therapy room, and support and guidance for yourself.

Can you become a Therapeutic foster carer?

You might already be a foster carer, or have experience of fostering, but you don't have to be.

Perhaps you have worked with young people on a professional level and you see this as a change of career.

You need to be willing to reflect upon your own behaviour in order to work therapeutically with a young person. But you won't have to do this alone. Alongside you will be a team of social workers and therapists.

You need to be robust, open minded and caring. You need to recognise a young person's practical and emotional needs and be able to respond to those on a long term basis.

Not all children are the same and we are looking for a wide range of carers able to meet the wide range of children and their diverse needs.


Can you meet the challenge?

Great things are achievable with this different model of parenting.

There are greater needs and challenges but, with that, come greater rewards.